Potential buyers make a decision within a few minutes of walking through a property. When browsing the internet for properties, photographs have a significant impact on first impressions and are a key factor in considering whether to attend a property’s open home.

One of my friends likes to look at the family photos and certificates on the walls, and yes, more often than not she works out who they are, what schools the kids go to and maybe even how well they did. This is not six degrees of separation – more like one or two.

Most of us have read tips on how to present a home for sale, but would we be better off getting some professional home staging advice?

Real estate agent Donna Watts of Ray White Kohimarama is convinced it is a good idea, because not everyone has a natural talent when it comes to interior design.

AMK Services has partnered with PeterZyk at LoveGrove Realty who knows a thing or 2 about Home Staging services.

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